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Chromlech ouvre son bureau R&D

Essais du JaragLed par SoundLightUp

JaragLed-Strip 5 et JaragLed-Strip 15

The latest addition to the JaragLed range, the JL-Strip, is an LED striplight composed of either 5 or 15 LEDs. It incorporates all the technology and functionality of the JaragLed panels but with a few revolutionary new developments.

An accelerometer-based-system means JL-Strip can automatically detect its own orientation (vertical or horizontal) in a rig and adapt its programming to match, thus simplifying the programming process. More exciting still, and unique to Chromlech JL-Strip, each fixture has new on-board Addressing Technology which works by touch to set the DMX/pixel address for every fixture in turn. Technicians and designers are going to love this fast and ingenious way of setting up their complex systems.



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