FAQs Gleamer

How many outputs is there on the Gleamer ?
Why is there only one earth on output ?
What kind of connector is used for the output ?
What is the ideal cable section in Gleamer output ?
What kind of lamp can we dim with the Gleamer ?
Can you drive anything other than lamps with the Gleamer ?
How each output is individually protected ?
Can you drive each output as differents voltages ?
What tensions are supported by the Gleamer ?
How the Gleamer could drive lamps over 300 W ?
Is it possible to use Gleamer on the truss ?
How does the Gleamer help with energy-saving or sustainability ?
How does the Gleamer improve technical practice ?
How does the Gleamer demonstrate a new style of thinking ?
Does the Gleamer introduce new technology, new materials or new techniques ?
Dimensions of the Gleamer ?
How to install it into 19 " Rack ?
What is the maximum length of cable to output gleamer ?



FAQs Jarag

How many Jarag can be hung ?
How many to Jarags-5 can we connect to a standard 16A power supply ?

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