Low Voltage Lighting

Gleamer & Svoboda 2.0

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Svoboda 2.0
Ref.SV 103

Dimmer dedicated to low-voltage bulbs :
200 230V
AC/ 50-60Hz/ 3000W / 13A 

9 channels from 6 to 28 V - 12A max by channel:
socapex or terminal version

Channels coupling allows for increased power

DMX Control

The legendary Svoboda with the Chromlech touch !
9 lamps 250W - 24V controled individually with the Gleamer or in serial like the original Svoboda

Input on Socapex connector (type 419)
comes with serial adapter 

  Aluminium body
  only 17 Kg with lamps



Gleamer Accessories

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Rack kit (pfor2 Gleamer)




Socapex Universal Wire Terminal
Rack for 6 Gleamer


GL207 / FR
Truss Box 9 channels _ Socapex - French Sockets (type E)
GL207 / SC
Truss Box 9 channels _ Socapex - Schuko Sockets (type F)
Various national standards on request
Multicore Socapex cables for Gleamer
GL209/1.5 : length 1.5m
GL209/5    : length 5m
  : length 10m


SV106 Adaptation kit for original Svoboda
Kit for transforming an original Svoboda as a compatible projector with the Gleamer. Includes internal wiring, a Socapex connector 419 mounted on a plate that replaces the flap, a serial adaptor.
Tutorial "Modify your original Svobodal"


       SV105 Lamp for Svoboda
       technical informations



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